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Sydney’s Richest Ring Race


$100 per ring unlimited purchase


Only 750 race rings available


First prize is a Sydney Championship Gold Ring for the owner & 30% of the total ring sales.  If all 750 rings are sold 1st prize will be $22,500.00.

Sydney Gold Ring race to be held from approximately 500 km liberated with CCF 2019.

Open to be race by any CCF fliers.  Interstate & Regional breeders are encouraged to purchase rings & assign a trainer to compete in the biggest Federation in Australia.

There will be 30 prizes in total with 10% of total ring sales going towards Hills District new clubhouse funds.

For every 2 rings purchase, receive one additional ring that can be used as a spare.  Fliers can only enter in the race the quantity of birds originally purchased.


Email enquiries:

Contacts for enquiries:

Gary Young 0413 805 880
Stephen Shears 0419 695 407