Sydney’s Richest Ring Race


$100 per ring unlimited purchase


Only 600 race rings available


First prize is a Sydney Championship Gold Ring for the owner and 30% of the total prize money.

There are 600 rings for sale, which is a potential winning amount of $16,200.00 for first prize inclusive of the Championship Ring!

If all rings are sold, the total prize money plus the Championship Ring valued at $3000.00 will amount to $54,000.00 prize and prize money.

Sydney Gold Ring race to be held from approximately 550 km liberated with CCF.

Open to be raced by any CCF fliers. Interstate Regional breeders are encouraged to purchase rings & assign a trainer to compete in the biggest Federation in Australia.

There are 32 prizes to be won. Purchase rings now to be in the running!

For every 2 rings purchased, receive one additional ring that can be used as a spare. Fliers can only enter in the race the number of birds originally purchased.

Owners outside of the CCF boundary are eligible for a bonus $500.00 plus 5 rings to the best-placed in the race.

Jackpot prize for first yearling SGR rung bird to top the CCF fed at any schedule race throughout the race season. Prize will jackpot to the following year if not won. 50% flier, 50% owner.


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Contact for enquiries:

Stephen Shears 0419 695 407